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9 September 2020
Matchmaking event with virtual meetings on 27 May & 9 September
Eurostars Life Sciences matchmaking event 2020

Matchmaking is an ideal opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings. 

Please use the CHROME browser to make sure you have no technical problems.

Step 1:


  • Register via the green "Register now" button.
  • Registration for the matchmaking event is open until the end of the event.
  • Select the sessions you wish to attend:
    • Virtual meetings 27 May
    • Virtual meetings 9 September 
  • Insert your contact details and organisation description.
  • Publish your organisational focus and your collaboration wishes via the Marketplace. The Marketplace enables participants to list their offer and request items and to search for suitable partners by using these items. Your profile will not be validated if you have not listed your collaboration wishes via the Marketplace. The better your profile, the more meeting requests you will receive.

Step 2:

Book B2B-meetings

  1. VIRTUAL MEETINGS 9 September 13h-17h
    • You can have a look at the other registered participants and select those you want to meet.
    • You will only be able to send requests to participants that also registered for the virtual meetings on 9 September 2020.
    • Send meeting requests to the selected participants of your choice.
      • Choose and click on the person you would like to have a meeting with.
      • Click on the  button.
      • Select the duration of your online meeting (15-30-45-60 minutes):

      • Select 9 September and select an hour for your online meeting

      • Confirm time
      • Meeting requests must be confirmed by both sides in order to be scheduled

      Step 3:

      Meet & Match

      • Check your meeting schedule online or in the B2Match app. Download the App for iPhone or Android.
      • Your schedule contains date and time of your accepted virtual meetings. 
      • You do not need any additional software for the meetings, only an up-to-date web browser (ideally Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, a microphone and preferably a webcam.

      If you are not able to attend the matchmaking for any reason, please respect your meeting partners. Notify your meeting partners and cancel these meetings/your participation.

      Technical preparations

      • the video tool is already integrated onto this website, no Zoom or MS Teams needed
      • check your audio quality, using headphones is advised
      • use a good webcam to improve the image quality, avoid connecting via phone

      Download the b2match app for iPhone or Android in order to be able to join the event and have your meeting schedule always at hand. You might receive additional meeting requests or cancellations during the event.


      Closed since 9 September 2020


      Virtual event

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      Austria 2
      Belgium 74
      Croatia 1
      Cyprus 1
      Czech Republic 1
      Finland 1
      France 3
      Georgia 1
      Germany 51
      Hungary 11
      Ireland 1
      Italy 12
      Latvia 1
      Netherlands 18
      Poland 8
      Portugal 12
      Romania 1
      Slovakia 2
      South Africa 1
      Spain 32
      Switzerland 6
      Turkey 16
      United Kingdom 3
      United States 2
      Total 261